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    Will SLEEK help me sober up?

    No. So please drink responsibly and never drink and drive. Make sure you have a designated driver.

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    Is SLEEK safe?

    Yes. We’ve worked with a licensed chemist to ensure a perfect balance of ingredients that are safe to take. We also opted for the purest form of the ingredients to make sure that their quality is top notch.

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    Is SLEEK FDA approved?

    Because SLEEK is a natural supplement, it does not require FDA approval and hence, cannot be approved by the FDA.

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    How do I use SLEEK?

    It’s really quite simple. You need to take the two black pill from the pack before going to sleep and in the morning, you need to take the yellow pill.

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    Is SLEEK safe to use with other medication?

    We highly suggest that you consult your physician before combining the supplement to your medication.